Conrad Parsons

Conrad joined ETeamGlobal in 2020 and is the ministry’s first evangelist permanently based outside the United States. Conrad met Dr. Tim a few years earlier through Youth for Christ (YFC) International and brings more than 33 years of ministry experience to ETG! 

Conrad preaches and teaches regularly in Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and other Pacific Islands. He lives in Melbourne (Australia) with his wife Wendy and their three children. Two are in secondary school and the other is at university, as they say down under.

After 2 years at the Church Army College of Evangelism in Sydney (1986 & 1987), Conrad was commissioned as an evangelist in the Anglican (Episcopal) Church of Australia. He has completed a Diploma in Evangelism, a Master of Arts in Evangelism at Cliff College in the UK (Methodist), a Master of Ministry at the National Theological Centre in Canberra, and a Doctor of Ministry at Fuller Theological Seminary in the US.

Published in 1996, Conrad’s book ‘Understanding Evangelists’ is a guide for locating and encouraging new evangelists in local churches. In 2000 he launched an international ministry in London, England called Local Context, providing coaching for new evangelist around the world. He also partnered with Dr. Bob Logan and CoachNet International Ministries as Director of Postmodernity. Conrad then returned to Australia to serve as a mission consultant for the Uniting Church in Sydney. Conrad was also appointed CEO of YFC Australia and then as Regional Director for YFC Pacific. More recently he was ordained in the Anglican Church and currently works as Melanesian Wantok (trusted friend in the Pacific Islands) strengthening disciples and preaching the Gospel.

Conrad is well known for his evangelistic ministry in the Pacific Islands and his interest in their culture and mission history. He has coached evangelists in several countries around the world including USA, New Zealand, UK and Australia. He is an encourager and a keen member of ETeamGlobal seeking to strengthen the team and contribute to its mission, particularly its training of new and national evangelists.