Paul Hamilton

Paul Hamilton was born and raised in a Christian home in Honolulu, Hawaii. He attended Oregon State University where he received a BS degree in Mathematics and Computer Science. Paul joined Microsoft as a software developer in 1989 and currently works as a Principle Group Engineering Manger on the Microsoft Teams product.

Paul and his wife Deanna have been married for 32 years, live in Sammamish Washington and have three children (Caleb, Rebekah and Jacob). Caleb is married, has two daughters, lives in Gresham Oregon and works at Home Depot. Rebekah is also married, lives in New Jersey and is going back to school after teaching Music to middle schoolers for 4 years. Jacob lives in Sammamish Washington and works as a brewer for Big Block brewing company.

Paul and Deanna currently attend Doxa Church in Bellevue Washington where Paul serves on the Music production team running the sound board on Sundays once a month. He has been a group leader in Bible Study Fellowship for more than 15 years and served as an Elder for multiple years in Northwest Presbyterian Church (EPC) before the church shut down a few years ago.

Paul got involved with ETeamGlobal through his longtime friendship with Mike Parker whom he met through the Campus Crusade ministry while at Oregon State. Paul has always had a heart for evangelism and has supported missions throughout his career. Paul also served on the board of Mike Parker’s All Nations Ministries organization focused on reaching the “most unreached” people around the world. In 2017, Paul traveled to Uganda (TU2) with Tim Robnett, Mike Parker and others where he served in the construction ministry building a Church in a remote village. Through that trip, Paul saw the eternal and unique value of the work ETeamGlobal is doing in Identifying, Affirming, Training, and Mobilizing evangelists globally and joined the board in 2018 as a result.