Nathan Walters

Nathan worked in various operational and senior management roles for 10 years in the grocery logistics supply chain industry. During part of this time he also was a co-owner and board member for a third-party warehousing company. In 2008, the Lord guided him to leave this corporate business trajectory to serve as an evangelist to the nations. In response, he earned a B.S. in Christian Ministry Leadership from Moody Bible Institute, followed by earning a M.A. Theological Studies from Multnomah Seminary for the purpose of being molded and equipped by the Lord for ministry.

Nathan perceives the Lord has called him to ministry in regions of the world where the enemy has used oppression to prevent people from having access to the gospel. He is currently working on developing and facilitating relationships between western ministers/believers with Christ Transformation Ministry in Uganda. Currently this includes developing a means for CTM to train rural bush village pastors in the Busoga region, and to work with these newly planted churches to proclaim the gospel widely within this unreached region of Uganda. He also works on other projects ETeamGlobal is spearheading.

Nathan lives with his wife and three young children in Phoenix, Arizona. He places a large emphasis on supporting the development of the Lord’s purpose for each member of his family. They enjoy taking breaks from the day to day routine with day trips focused on outdoor adventures. For leisure, he enjoys dates with his wife, water parks with his kids, fitness related activities, hiking, and skiing.

Nathan Walters’ Testimony

I am blessed to have been raised and educated in a thoroughly Christian home and environment. But despite the best efforts of my parents, I gave the lust of the flesh free reign during my early adult years. A pleasure focused lifestyle founded upon drug and alcohol abuse best describes the trajectory of my life until the age of 28. In November of 2006, the Lord revealed himself to me in a profound way! Because of the Lord’s pursuit of me, in the midst of my intentional rebellion, my hard heart was instantly melted. This radical transformation occurred because I had just experienced true love by means of God’s grace and mercy! Instantaneously the trajectory of my life radically changed, as the Lord revealed his purpose for my life. My life now had meaning, thus motivating me to pursue all that God has instore for me and my family.

Personally experiencing the transformative power of a relationship with Christ, set into motion a natural overflow of sharing Christ with others. Over a period of several years, the Lord began to reveal his plan for me included going into the nations as an ambassador of the gospel and a discipler of evangelists. Nothing excites me more than being on the frontlines of seeing God draw people from every tribe and nation unto himself! It is my aim to spend the rest of my life living out this calling as a co-laborer with everyone in the global community of faith. It is a joy to step into an evangelist ministry role with my friends and colleagues at ETeamGlobal.