Bishop George Muguro, President of Manna Bible Institute and a long term leader in the PEFA churches has opened a strategic door for ETG to partner with him in training Evangelist for E. Africa through Manna Bible Institute (which is on track to become a registered Bible College). Manna now offers a certificate and diploma program for Evangelists. Also, classroom study is accompanied by strategical evangelistic outreach and missions on a regular basis. In addition, conferences and seminars are being offered to the PEFA churches throughout Kenya.

Moses Muguro, another ministry partner in Kenya, is a dynamic evangelist-pastor in a rapidly growing suburb of Nairobi. He partners with his brother, Bishop George Muguro, putting to use their training through Multnomah Seminary, to effectively reach their communities for Christ. They have utilized youth concerts, health related seminars and parenting classes to minister to the unchurched.