Ideally ETG enters into a partnership with a local church for the purposes of identifying evangelists in their church body, affirming those evangelists in their unique gifting and training them to equip your church members for effective, short and long-term ministries of evangelism. Evangelism happens with church members are equipped, motivated, guided and lead in various methods and programs of reaching those not yet committed to Jesus Christ in the spheres of influence every church member has. We will develop programs, but the key is to discover (identify), affirm (recruit and ordain), equip (various training courses), and mobilize (put identified evangelist into roles of leadership and training in your church). The outcome focuses on church members actively sharing their faith in various and unique ways that are of the Spirit of Christ and though needing develop, each person fits what they do and how they do evangelism.

   Agree upon a partnering relationship that includes the steps that ETG staff will take with Church leadership: (1) IDENTIFY: Church assessment of evangelistic interest, calling, gifting and style. (2) AFFIRM: Share results of assessment with the affirmation of key members for leadership development. (3) EQUIP: ETG will develop with key leaders a unique training and mobilization ministry for your church. This will draw upon the 40 years of experience of ETG staff to craft a Spirit-lead program for your church. (4) MOBILIZE: Implement the training and evangelistic ministries over 18-36 months. Cycle through the training and equipping process at least twice with the trained Evangelism Leaders. Modify the ministries as necessary. Leave the church with vision, equip leaders and ministries operating through the second generation of leadership growth and development.