Dr. Tim Robnett


Preaching the Gospel worldwide and training others to do so is the mission of Dr. Timothy Robnett. Since 1970 Dr. Robnett has been following the voice of the Holy Spirit in communicating the gospel to as many people as possible. With a high regard for the local church Dr. Robnett has served as youth lay-leader, youth pastor, pastor and now evangelist. The Gospel is the most needed and most powerful message ever given to mankind. Since 2011 Dr. Robnett has lead Tim Robnett Ministries and ETeamGlobal. Opportunities to preach the gospel have been given and followed over the last 26 years in 45 countries of the world. Since 2011 TRm/ETeamGlobal and its partners have preached the gospel to over 222,000 people in 11 nations with over 27,000 people responding to the Gospel invitation. In addition Dr. Robnett has trained over 13,700 evangelists and Christian disciples in various training settings including Forum’s for Evangelists, Seminars, Conferences and Seminary classrooms.

ETeamGlobal is the developing network of evangelist committed to training other evangelist in every region of the world. As a highly committed group of older evangelist ETeamGlobal desires to see the role and function of the evangelist raised to a higher level in the church worldwide. So members of ETeamGlobal in their own ministries commit significant time and resources to training other evangelist to equip the church for the work of evangelism.
Dr. Timothy L. (Tim) Robnett was Director of Next Generation Alliance for the Luis Palau Association from 2000-2010. Concurrently he served as Associate Professor of Pastoral Ministries and Internship Director at Multnomah Biblical Seminary, Portland, Oregon (1996-2004) He continues to lecture and teach in several programs of the University. Dr. Robnett delights in influencing and training Christian men and women for leadership roles in the Church of Jesus Christ. Seeing others excel in ministry motives Dr. Robnett to teach the Scriptures and lessons for ministry to those seeking to serve Jesus Christ and His Church in evangelism and leadership roles.
Dr. Robnett holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from Stanford University (1972), a Master of Divinity degree from Western Conservative Baptist Seminary, Portland, Oregon (1977), and a Doctor of Ministry degree from Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, California (1994).
Following his college days at Stanford, Dr. Robnett focused his professional life on ministry. This has included working in youth ministries (1972-77), serving as an associate pastor leading ministries in Christian education and family life (1977-79), Senior Pastor of Palm Springs Baptist Church (1979-1990), developing evangelistic outreaches in Asia, the Caribbean, Europe, India, Africa and various cities within the USA for Luis Palau (1990-2010), and teaching at Multnomah Biblical Seminary as Associate Professor of Pastoral Ministry and Internship Director (1996-present).
As Director of Next Generation Alliance Dr. Robnett developed himself in three priorities: 1) Mentoring evangelists one-on-one; 2) Training evangelists through conferences, seminars and in class room settings, and 3) Leading collaborative missions for Next Generation Alliance evangelists.
As a teacher in evangelism Dr. Robnett has taught seminars and classes in Russia, India, Uganda, Nigeria, Poland, Tanzania, South Africa, England, France, Spain, the Philippines, and the United States. These trainings have been in conjunction with Multnomah Seminary, Western Seminary, Michigan Theological Seminary as well as East-West Ministries, Help for Christian Nationals, African Enterprise, African Renewal Ministries, Manna Bible Institute and African New Life Ministries. Currently, as the faculty mentor, Dr. Robnett is leading a MAAT and DMin program in Global Evangelism at Multnomah Biblical Seminary and University.

As an International Festival Director for the Luis Palau Association (1990-1999) Dr. Robnett organized evangelistic festivals for Dr. Luis Palau throughout Asia and Northern Europe. He organized over 25 festivals during these years seeing over 1 million people reached with the gospel and 100,000 people come to faith in Christ.

In 2001 Dr. Robnett lead a collaborative evangelistic outreach to Madurai, India where 11 evangelists preached 21 festivals seeing over 400,000 people reached with the gospel of Jesus Christ. In 2004 Arise Uganda, under Dr. Robnett’s leadership saw 12 evangelists reach 15 cities in Uganda through evangelistic festivals. Some 360,000 people heard the gospel and over 36,000 responded to the invitation to receive Christ as their Savior. Since 2004 some additional 25 missions have been conducted in Uganda alone with an additional 540,000 people being reached with the gospel, 100 churches planted, 18 water wells dug, a Christian School started and hundreds of Christian leaders encouraged through conferences and seminars. In addition Dr. Robnett has lead missions in France, Latvia, and Poland.

Dr. Robnett is the co-author with Luis Palau in the book Telling The Story. Telling the Story was published in 2006 by Regal Press. Also, in 2006 Dr. Robnett and Mr. Allen Quist co-authored Spirit Driven Church, published by Victor Books a division of Cook Communications.

Topics of great concern for preaching and teaching:

The Power of the Gospel
Heart for God.
The Calling and Ministry of the Evangelist
The Secret of Life with God
The Joy of Family Marriage and Life
A Spirit Driven Church
Dr. Robnett has been married to his high school sweetheart, Sharon, for 45 years! Sharon’s friendship, love, and wise counsel stimulate his high regard and love for a very special wife. Tim and Sharon have two children; Joel and Karen are graduates of Whitworth College in Spokane. Joel and his wife Kate, have two sons, Isaac and Clark and live in Sherwood, Oregon where he works in the hi-tech industry. Their daughter Karen and husband Mike live in Portland, Oregon and have two sons, Corban and Levi.