Eteam Global

Our Story Begins:

The journey to Christ came for me through the life and testimony of my parents, Del and Loretta Robnett. Their new found faith in Christ became a way of life for them and for our family. During the preaching of the good news of Jesus by an evangelist visiting our local church the Lord compelled me to trust in Him as my Savior and Lord. Though only seven years of age my decision to follow Christ was clear and life changing.

The journey of following Christ continues to this day. At the heart of my discipleship is the burden and passion to share Christ with as many people as possible and to train others to do so. Through my adolescent years I found encouragement and context for evangelism through my local church, Youth for Christ, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and in my college years Campus Crusade for Christ. The Lord truly put many in my path many who are passionate about Christ, the message of life that He alone can give.

My story found significant definition while pastoring Palm Springs Baptist Church from December 1, 1979 to August 30, 1990. These years of ministry were in partnership with a great group of wonderful followers of Jesus Christ and together we saw our Lord delight in adding to our numbers regularly. This experience served to further stimulate my lifelong passion to identify, affirm, train and mobilize evangelists to preach the Gospel while partnering with local churches to increase their efforts to evangelize their surrounding communities.

I eventually resigned from his church pastorate and established a training program for evangelists at Multnomah Biblical Seminary in Portland, Oregon. Simultaneously, I became an International Festival Director with the Luis Palau Evangelistic Association. In 2010, I launched Tim Robnett Ministries, dba ETeam Global, to fully devote myself to the God-given vision of training and mobilizing evangelists locally and internationally.

 Who We Are: We are an international network of evangelists committed to preaching the Gospel and training others to do likewise. Our core mission is to identify, affirm, train, and mobilize other Ephesian 4 evangelists. Jesus assigned to the church specific people who He uniquely prepared to lead others in sharing the message of hope and healing through a personal relationship with Himself. As a blessing to the church, the Ephesian 4 evangelist is one who is gifted, called, and passionate about sharing Jesus Christ to the lost.

Additionally, we are committed to the encouragement and training of all Christians to actively share their faith. The ETeam Global network utilizes the teaching and mentoring of Dr. Robnett with the goal of reaching every region of the world through trained evangelists training other evangelists.

How we do it: We, or our ministry partners, identify evangelists, affirm them in their calling, equip them with the tools and biblical and practical training necessary, and then mobilize them to go and do. We also encourage those who are trained to look for other evangelists that they can train and mentor.

Identify: Evangelists typically identify themselves to other evangelists through common ministry experiences. Frequently, when an evangelist preaches, other evangelists will identify themselves by asking questions such as how to prepare for ministry, inquiring about ministry opportunities, and has innovative ideas. The infrequency of the evangelist being affirmed often leads them to seek out like-minded individuals.

Affirm: The affirmation of the evangelist comes from being together and doing mission together. Common ministry activities provide opportunities for the evangelists to partner together and gain encouragement by doing. Planned encounters by older experienced evangelists with young evangelists helps both encourage and lovingly exhort, teach and coach. Specific opportunities for training, such as conferences, also attracts the evangelist to come and be affirmed by the fact that there is something specifically prepared for them.

Train: Equipping of the evangelist can be done through the local church, seminars, conferences, college or seminary courses, and/or collaborative mission. Intentional mentoring relationships also help elevate and accelerate their development. This isn’t just theory but has proven to be true over the life of this ministry.

Mobilize: Evangelists learn by doing. We believe they learn best by doing with other experienced and biblically trained evangelists. The practice of evangelism not only yields converts but also refines the skills and tools of the evangelist. Go and do. Teach and Preach. Alone and together. Mobilizing will lead to maturity as the evangelist does evangelism and trains others to do the same.

The four main ways ETeam Global accomplishes this is: 1) a Doctorate in Ministry (D.Min.) or Masters in Applied Theology (MAAT) in Global Evangelism at Multnomah Seminary in Portland; 2) International Forums; 3) Local Churches; and 4) Church and Community Outreaches – the practice of doing evangelism.