2019 Missions Campaign

Russia Mission / Training Conference

Mission Details:  This mission affords ETeamGlobal a tremendous opportunity to reach more 1000 university students attending the International University Winter Games (https://www.fisu.net/sport-events/winter-universiades-events/29th-winter-universiade) with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Key Dates:

· Mar. 2 – 5 Affinity Meal events in Kemerovo (Siberia)

· Mar. 6 – 12 Evangelistic events/activities at International University Winter Games in Krasnyarsk

· Mar. 13 – 18 Evangelist Conference and affinity events in Moscow

Need:  $31,500

Macedonia & Balkans Mission/ Training Conference

Mission Details: A NEW region of the world for ETeamGlobal to begin a season of ministry with Christian leaders in Slovakia, Croatia and Macedonia. As a region of the world expressing a great desire to train their Evangelists, our partnership with Pavel Cekvo, Slave Valesenov and Jimmy Simmons has an opportunity to develop and grow into a ministry with region-wide influence.

Key Dates:

· May 6 – 9  Pre-trip planning meetings with regional leaders in Slovakia and Croatia

· Oct. 18 – 31  Balkan Mission and Evangelist training conference

Need:  $11,900 ($3000.00 by end of March)

Spain-Jerez Mission/Festival 

Mission Details:  ETG will partner with Reid Saunders Evangelistic Ministry to organize and support, along with four local churches, a multi-day festival in and around Jerez, Spain. In addition to nightly festivals, teams will support events including daily outreaches to local neighborhoods, ministries for children, seniors, prison inmates and Middle East refugees. If you’re interested in joining the team for this ministry opportunity, please contact Chris Kingston (503.593.4406, chriskingston27@gmail.com).

Key Dates:

· April 15 $6000 to be provided to event organizers for festival costs, planning, fees, etc.

· May 1 – 5 pre-event planning meetings with local evangelists and organizers

· May 15 $6000 due to local organizers for events costs, fees, etc.

· June 21 – July 1 Jerez Festival and supporting affinity events 

Need:  $26,100

Nigeria Forum/Rwanda Mission

Mission Details:  The Nigeria Forum is a program begun by ETG 8 years ago as a direct manifestation of our mission to Identify, Affirm, Train and Mobilize evangelists. In the Fourth Forum students will receive specialized training in areas of evangelism such as technology and social media. Students will get practical application opportunities in a mission to Rwanda by staffing and supporting several evangelistic events including medical clinics, Jesus Film showings, construction projects and street ministry. Forum students will be joined by ETG staff and volunteers from across Africa and the US. If you would like to volunteer, please contact: Mike Parker (mikep@eteamglobal.or) or Nathan Walters (nmw777@gmail.com)

Key Dates:

· April 6 – 10 Fifth session of Nigeria Forum 2019 in Jos, Nigeria.  21 students enrolled.

· July 5 – 15 Rwanda mission led by Nigeria Forum students & mentored/supported by ETG staff

· Sept. 11 – 18 Nigeria Forum review with current/past students

Need: $13,000

Kenya/E. Africa Mission

Mission Details:  Ministry with current/former Multnomah University students sponsored by ETG is an ongoing priority. Tim will participate in evangelistic events organized by Moses Muguro in Kenya and teach at African Theological College founded by Dr. Charles Mugisha in Rwanda. Tim will also meet leaders from Malawi to dream about 2020 opportunities.

Key Dates:

· Sept. 4 – 8  Kenya mission with Moses Muguro

· Nov. 15 – 25  Tim Robnett teaches at ACT in Rwanda

· Nov. 26 – 28  Tim teaches in Kenya/meets with Malawi leaders

Need:  $8000

Multnomah Univ. Scholarship Fund

Event Details: Two weeks of off-campus study begins at ‘Lodstar Mountain Inn’, designed by Steve Wingfield as a place of rest and renewal for Evangelists and Pastors. Week two at one of the great evangelistic ministries in the church history offers unique instruction by close associates of Dr. Billy Graham. This will be an unbelievable 5 days and a few spaces for guests of ETeamGlobal who would like to join us will be available. Contact Frank Kane at frank@eteamglobal.org.

Key Dates:

· May 27 – June 2  Students/staff travel to W. Va. for classes, lectures and presentations  

· June 3 – 7  Travel to Billy Graham Intl. Headquarters (NC) for second week of studies


· $6500 for travel/accommodations for students & staff for off-campus study in W. Va. and N.C.

· $30,000 for 6 student scholarships in Mult. Univ. Doctoral program in Evangelism

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*Please note on your gift, which mission fund you wish your gift to go to, otherwise, gifts will be designated for the mission with the most immediate or greatest need. If full funding for any mission or project is achieved, funds will be directed, at the discretion of the ministry, to the greatest need.