August Update

August saw ETeamGlobal conduct its final mission of the summer and start planning for a busy Fall! We want to share with you reports from our fourth Transform Uganda mission, a preview of the ministry’s Fall Mission Campaign, details of TRM/ETG’s anniversary celebration dinner and a schedule for our monthly prayer conference calls.

Gospel Continues to Harvest Souls in UgandaMike Parker, ETG

Our fourth Transform Uganda mission took on a different look this year, but the results continue to glorify God! Transform Uganda 4 was a modified version of previous missions and included a Pastor’s Conference, Jesus Film Team, a Medical Team, and a Village Team to minister to men, women, and children in rural villages across Uganda.

Some of the TU4 team members!

In addition to evangelizing in villages, our six-member US team also spent its two weeks in Uganda training pastors and evangelists. TU 4 was a partnership of ETG (Mike Parker, Nathan Walters), Christ Transformation Ministries (CTM board chair Dan Noel), and Calvary Chapel-Phoenix, Arizona (Brad Nassif, Bryan Ferguson, Zach Papuga). After four years of Transform Uganda missions, I am amazed at what the Lord has built and sustained in the Busoga region.

In that time, CTM and ETG have worked together to plant 35 churches. Today, all 35 are growing, standing firm, and starting other church plants in nearby villages. The sight of these church plants in villages where there had never been a church before is a wonder to behold.

From a region where villages have little, much was given as the 35 churches tithed to feed the TU 4 teams as well as the pastors attending the conference – a total of 125 people. They raised almost 500 pounds of maize (of which 271 was sold to purchase other food items), 254 pounds of rice, 2 goats, 10 chickens, and 200,000 Ugandan Schillings (approx. $55). Their sacrifice of giving and tithing to the Lord’s work reduced our mission costs by over $1,000!

Dr. Joy treats villagers

The fruit of this trip included:

  • Medical team – 2,171 treated, 59 received Christ.
  • Village team – 1,194 reached, 281 men, women and children prayed to receive Christ.
  • Jesus Film – 950 reached, 77 people received Christ.
  • Four pastor’s and leader’s conferences – 268 attended sessions that were led by Pastor Bryan and Pastor Zach.


As I write, my heart overflows with the joy of knowing the beauty of HIS Gospel and the presence of HIS Spirit to give LIFE!

Equatorial Guinea highlights a busy Fall of opportunities to minister the Good News of Jesus! Dr. Jim Williams and I have the privilege to accept an invitation from Remi Ndong to go to Equatorial Guinea. Equatorial Guinea is the only Spanish speaking country in Africa and Remi is one of the country’s leading pastors. He has a passion for the Gospel and to train pastors to be more effective in preaching the Gospel, leading churches with a passion for souls, and leading communities of healthy believers loving God and their neighbors.

This September 5-9 we will go to train pastors and evangelists, then return in December to join them in an area-wide evangelistic outreach. Small and poor, this nation needs the power of the Gospel to lift the people above the heavy demands of life and oppression. Please pray with us and partner with us financially so that we may serve our Lord with Pastor Ndong and his team.

A NEW class of Evangelists in Kenya

Tim leads a class in 2017

Bishop George Muguro is launching a new class for Evangelists in the Manna Bible Institute’s Certificate Program of training

Evangelists for E. Africa. The projected class size is 60. These people from the rural areas of Kenya, and possibly other E. African nations, will come to Manna for a week of intensive study and ministry. In addition to the classes, the students will join Bishop George and myself for several events in the area. These would include a five-night festival in Rongi, a youth/children’s festival, a couple’s dinner, and preaching at local churches.

Please consider partnering with us on these missions as the Lord would lead you. Our specific needs are:

  • Equatorial Guinea: $4,500.00 (Conference support, travel and accommodations)
  • Kenya: $10,500.00 (Travel for Tim, meals, travel and accommodations for students and local church expenses)

NEW opportunities.  NEW students.  BUT the same ever LIFE-GIVING GOSPEL.  Please PRAY and PARTNER with me so I may GO and SERVE our LORD.

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