June Update

Hope and Salvation Arise in Uganda

June Update

More than 2,000 lives changed in Kampala a few weeks ago. Those 2,000 souls are on a new path as you read this, a path of hope and salvation in the Lord. Your prayers and support helped make the Kampala for Jesus 2018 festival happen! THANK YOU for providing the support that allowed us to sponsor and staff the largest outreach event ever in ETeamGlobal’s ministry.

Please keep praying for those who accepted Christ, that their roots dig deep and that their faith grows stronger each day.

University Outreach Draws a Big Crowd

For Kampala for Jesus 2018, ETeamGlobal brought together 53 evangelists, pastors, doctors, nurses, performers and volunteers who came fromNigeria, Kenya, UK and the US to serve in Uganda. The festival included nine evangelistic events that included ministry outreach and/or conferences for women, children, families, business/professionals and inmates. Through these events and your support, ETeamGlobal touched the lives of almost 20,000 people. Since the festival ended on May 20th, 584 new believers have already been baptized! 380 others are in the process of scheduling their baptisms with local churches.

Impressions from Uganda

Dr. Tim Robnett

What a TEAM! Our Lord brought together a marvelous team for our mission to Kampala for Jesus2018. First those who invited us to come to their city with a desire to see others know the Savior. A

big thanks to Godfrey, Isaac and Apollo. Thanks for organizing themselves and a committee of committed Christians reaching into many segments of their community through outreaches to children, marrieds, prisons, medical camps, the Jesus film, drug addicts and University communities. Though Kampala is a very large city we were able to touch many parts with the Good News of Jesus. Thank you for partnering in prayer and finances to make this happen.

Younger Festival Goers Enjoying Activities

One of my greater joys of the festival was the children’s ministry. Almost 2700 children attended two events, one at each of the festival sites. The children were treated to games, songs, free meals and the Gospel message. Almost 500 made decisions for Christ!

I wanted to share one story with you as an example of how your support impacted lives in Kampala. The last evening at the west side festival in Wankulukuku, well after most people had left, the pastor leading the counseling team (over 400 gave their lives to Christ at this site) brought Emma to speak with me. Emma, a village immigrant to Kampala who had fallen into a band of robbers, had come to realize his terrible state and now wanted to follow Christ. He had a problem though. He lived with these robbers and didn’t want to return to them. The pastors were telling me that they had a plan to take care of the new believer and I had the privilege to pray with them. How amazing is the power of the Good News to call a robber from a life of stealing to following Jesus!

Kenya Dance Team Shows Off Some Moves!

One of our team members was Pastor Gee, who had been in my class on Evangelism some 3 years ago in Rongi, Nairobi, Kenya. He was inspired to bring a team of dancers and singers to share the gospel when I met him last December in Nairobi and challenged him to come.

He, along with Evangelist Stephen brought an energetic and committed team of eight. They were great, and daily went wherever there was an opportunity to preach Christ—from children’s meetings to medical clinics, to drug addict outreach and to the festivals. They led 56 people to Christ just at the medical clinics alone.

Kampala for Jesus 2018 Festival

A wonderful picture of our TEAM was the Marrieds Conference on Saturday the 19th. The ministry to marrieds (as the Ugandans would say) was at the top of the priorities for the Kampala for Jesus committee. From the summer of 2016 until the event itself the committee continued to emphasize the need for biblical teaching on marriage. Our format for the conference involved 6 panelists and myself speaking to a packed church of over 1800 attendees.

I led with a short teaching on biblical passages and had the panelists (all from our team) comment and add personal stories to illustrate those teachings. Our panelists had all been married from 45-49 years. There were powerful and practical stories that the audience listened to attentively. Though the audience was a Christian audience there were still some 30 people who made decisions to follow Christ.

Kampala for Jesus Executive Committee

My thanks too, to Evangelist David Gallagher of Open Arms International for bringing his team to join us and serve in Kampala for Jesus. We are still receiving reports and testimonies as we write. I thank the Lord and all of you who care, pray and give to see ETG reach those needing the Good News of Jesus Christ.

And a big thanks to Gary Losey, Bill Wagner and Chris Kingston for coordinating and leading our TEAM as we served at Kampala for Jesus 2018. The Lord’s provision of this special TEAM was characterized by the text of one of our members, “this was a God thing”.

Martha Wagner

(Martha Helped Lead the Women’s Conferences)

Thankfulness is the take away for me personally from the Kampala Mission. It was a time to see many come to

L to R: Sharon Robnett, Martha & Bill Wagner

faith. It seemed like we were often preaching to the Christians, but whenever the invitations were given people came forward to pray and become followers of Jesus. Linda Grimaud and I were charged with encouraging the women, which I love. The women we worked with were always gracious and responsive to the situations that arose during our time there.

Of the two women’s conferences that we led, one was in a large church in the slum of Katwe. About 1000 women and men attended and when I gave the invitation,55 women and a few men prayed. Some were just teenagers who obviously had grown up in the church, but had not yet committed themselves to Christ. They had come with their mothers or older family members. Sometimes when we think of church kids we think they will get it by osmosis. I am thankful that these young people had the opportunity to commit to Jesus.

Kampala, Uganda

The next day, we were at a much smaller church that held about 300. I like this size group over the giant one because you can see their faces and speak to the people. In this group, about 35 women of all ages came to faith though again there were a number of teenagers; many of whom were there to sing in the choir. God had other plans; instead of being the entertainment about 7 of them made faith decisions. It was a powerful time.

Linda always talks to the women about taking care of the new babies in the faith. This analogy is so great for helping women understand their role in the lives of new believers!

Finally, a special thanks to my husband Bill. He was busy with the logistics of the festival, making sure everyone got to where they were supposed to be. He saw first-hand the spiritual warfare that went on over the souls of those who came to faith. It was obvious that we were slogging through the spiritual mud but God was victorious. For this I am thankful and give God the praise.

Chris Kingston

(Pastor Chris led the University Outreach events)

This trip to Kampala was the culmination of five months of hard work and planning that spanned oceans and continents. I knew the only way to survive and thrive in this spiritual battle we were stepping into was by being available to serve and share the truth about Jesus.

Festival activities began on a Tuesday. By Friday, I felt like I was just trying to survive. After months of planning, many of our plans were changed several times in the days leading to the festival. After all that work, it was all very discouraging. But that day, all that frustration ended in tears of joy.

The Offending Engine

My team of 11 set out for our third addiction recovery outreach event of the week. I was tired, stretched, and hoping the day would go smoother than the others. It didn’t start that way. Our two vans headed out to the event site at a church next to the West festival location. Soon after starting, the van I was in broke down. The other van didn’t notice and kept going. With smoke pouring out of the engine, we sat on the side of a pot-hole riddled road, our call to the other van unanswered. What else to do when broken down on a dirt road—we prayed.

Within minutes another ETG van, this one taking Martha, Linda, and Sharon to the women’s conference, came on the scene and picked us up. Back on the road, but not a great start! We were 90 minutes late with the other half of our team nowhere in sight. We arrived at the festival site, but no church. We were in the wrong place. We did find the rest of our team though. After figuring out where to go, we got back in the vans and found the right spot. We were now more than two hours late.

I kept praying and asking God to lead us despite all the chaos and a great peace came over me. I knew God had something very special in store for our team and especially for the 90 teenagers and young adults at this outreach. Most had run away from very hard and abusive homes. They now lived on the streets and struggled with alcohol and drug abuse. God placed us there for a very specific reason.

Festival Addiction Outreach Offers Hope

Dave Wacker shared his testimony, the Kenya dance team performed and encouraged the students and then I shared the gospel. I kept praying—LORD, please give me the words to say and allow your Holy Spirit to pierce their hearts!  God’s spirit showed up for us all that day and he wasn’t quitting now!

Forty-five people came forward during my invitation! I was crying from the privilege and joy that God gave me to have these young people want to have a transformed life by Jesus starting that day. I was so thankful for this opportunity and believe that one of the many reasons God sent me to Uganda was for these 45 young individuals. It was truly a work of God that day.

Mike’s Nigeria Report Summary

Even with organizing the largest evangelistic event in ETeamGlobal’s history, Kampala for Jesus wasn’t the only

event ETG team members supported in May. Mike Parker was in Nigeria leading the latest round of classes for the Fourth Forum for Nigeria evangelists.

Mike also joined the students for real-life application of Forum lessons with some street ministry in one of Nigeria’s most dangerous slums. We shared this spirit-lifting story at eteamglobal.com earlier and encourage you to go there for the details on how salvation was found in the slums and the redemption of a kidnapper.