Kampala for Jesus 2018


Kampala for Jesus 2018 Update


God is making great things happen in the weeks leading up to the Kampala for Jesus 2018 Festival! With just under three weeks to go, God has provided, through many of you, much of the money needed to fund this festival. Through the hard work of those in Kampala, Uganda, He is also clearing the barriers and preparing the ground for the festival events. But we need to finish strong. A lot of work still needs to be done and your help is greatly needed.

Kampala for Jesus 2018 is the largest, single evangelistic event ETeamGlobal has ever organized, with the festival covering two sites. ETeamGlobal is also staffing and sponsoring several events reaching out to a range of people in need, materially and spiritually. This would include working moms, children, college students, young professionals and addicts as well as those suffering health issues and in prison.

52 evangelists, performers, medical personnel and volunteers are traveling from Nigeria, the UK and the US to serve at the festival. ETeamGlobal’s Tim Robnett is one of the main speakers while Chris Kingston is helping organize the event and lead the festival’s university student outreach.

Praise God, several of the Kampala for Jesus 2018 outreach ministries are now fully funded! But your help is still needed as we seek to complete the funding for all ministry efforts. With just under three weeks until the festival, we still need $8000 to fully fund all festival activities and ministries.

In addition to the above need of $8000, there is a funding need for which we humbly ask your prayer and support. We have reached our goal to fund a health clinic for one day during the Kampala for Jesus 2018 festival, but we would like to do more. We want to extend the availability of the clinic to all three days of the festival. To achieve that goal, we need an additional $3000. With this money we can provide an two extra days of much needed health care in some of the poorest neighborhoods of Kampala.

If you can help with any of these needs, please make gifts out to ETeamGlobal and mail to:


PO Box 61

North Plains, Oregon 97133

In the check memo please designate the purpose, i.e., General Fund, Women’s Conf., Evangelism, Prison Ministry, etc. If contributions are for your trip to Kampala, please have donors/yourself write in the memo – Kampala 18 – and then your initials. All gifts are tax deductible.

If you would like more information about the ministry needs or the specific volunteer opportunities that might still be available, please contact Chris Kingston at chriskingston27@gmail.com.

Your generous support of time, prayer and funding is a blessing to our largest event ever!

NOTE: Once full funding of any of the support ministry outreach events are met, donations will be placed in ETeamGlobal’s general fund for the Kampala For Jesus 2018 festival and used where needs are greatest. If all funding needs for Kampala for Jesus 2018 are met, donations will be used to support ETeamGlobal’s ongoing mission to Identify, Affirm, Train and Mobilize new evangelists in every region of the world.