A Strong Start

To 2018

A Strong Start to 2018

ETeamGlobal is off to a strong start in 2018. ETeamGlobal is partnering with local evangelists to spread the Word in Nigeria while Tim Robnett travels to Rwanda to train evangelists and prepare for a huge event in Uganda later this year!

The NFL’s season may have wrapped up with the Super Bowl this past weekend, but ETeamGlobal is just getting up to speed for 2018 as two teams are in Africa sharing God’s word and encouraging new Christian leaders and evangelists!

Tim is in Rwanda meeting with church leaders and evangelists. In addition to leading several classes on evangelism in Rwanda, Tim is traveling to Uganda to meet with Christian leaders there to prepare for “Kampala for Jesus 2018” in May. This is an exciting opportunity to proclaim the Good News and is one of the biggest events ETeamGlobal has ever participated in to date. We’ll share more details soon but for now please be praying as ETeamGlobal works with its partners in Uganda to plan this event.

Mike Parker is leading a team in Nigeria, where enthusiasm for spreading the Gospel is soaring even higher than the temperatures, with the 105-degree mark being broke almost every day! Despite the heat, the team has been busy and productive, leading two festivals so far and four more are scheduled before everyone goes home. At the festivals already held, approximately 3600 people attended and about 350 accepted Jesus! That’s almost ten percent of those attending the festivals!!

Something else to get excited about—ETeamGlobal medical teams in Nigeria for this trip have already treated more than 500 people and four more village medical missions are planned over the next several days. The news is just as exciting for the evangelist teams that have been visiting villages (for safety reasons, we can’t share where), including one Muslim village of about 1000 people. There, the village chief, his family and 20 others accepted the Lord! The chief also invited the pastor of a nearby church to come and plant a church in his village.  That will happen before the ETeamGlobal members return home! We give thanks for your continued prayers for Tim, Mike and the team!

Rev. Jerry Bupwatda teaching a forum class