A New


A New Day

On Friday, we had the privilege to meet with the governor of Cahul State. Cahul State is the southern most state of Moldova. It is also the poorest and often overlooked. Our team was invited to the Governors office. His name is John and he is also an evangelical pastor. John is the first evangelical to hold office in the state of Cahul. They now have a Christian Governor, and the mayor of Cahul (which is the largest city and state capital) is also a Christian.

We were invited to his office to pray for him and his leadership. The office he resides in was some 30 years ago where soviet communists made decisions that hurt many of the people — including Christians. We prayed with him for godly leadership to rise up, for godly wisdom and discernment, and for a restoration to a government that blesses the people served. John also had us speak in his church and there was a wonderful turning to christ of the villagers he comes from.

photo left to right; Chris Kingston, John Grant, Governor and pastor John, Mike Parker, and Ruslan Stanga