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Stories from Transform Uganda 3 (Post 2)

Post 7; Tuesday Night, 25 July 2017
Greetings from Bill Wagner in Uganda

Wow! What a difference a day makes. Yesterday, one of the village teams visited an area that had a school. The boys that accepted the Lord said the school was full of demons. So, a group of leaders from TU3 drove to the school today to see how they can be used by God in this situation. When they got out of the car, immediately a number of students started screaming and running away. The group of men went to see the headmaster in his office and found him leaning over his desk, appearing very dejected and worn out. The men started to share the Gospel with him, and while they did, several girls were brought to a room next door that had bars on the windows and locks on the doors. There, as the Gospel was presented to the headmaster, the girls continued to shriek, kick the walls and make as much noise as possible. Evidently, the group had found the right school.

Two of the men left the headmaster office and went next door to see the girls. One by one they ordered the spirits out of the girls and their screaming subsided. At the end of the time, each of the girls accepted Christ and the darkness became light.
After a time of sharing amidst the noise next door, the headmaster also received Christ and admitted that the school is full of demons. The TU3 leadership asked to speak to the teachers, so the headmaster had them called to room. There the Gospel was again presented and 8 of the teachers responded to it and became believers. They then asked that the kids be bought together, so the teachers had them all come outside on a grassy area. The leadership team presented the way of salvation to the children and drew a line in the ground. They asked that if they wanted to denounce Satan and give their life to Christ, they need to walk over to the other side of the line. Over 200 of them got up and crossed the line. Praise God that He changed a school from a place of heavy darkness to the light! As the men left they felt that the oppression had really left that place.

The other teams also had fantastic days, seeing God do a mighty work. The village teams saw 34 adults and hundreds of children accept Christ. One team met a woman who said she was given a vision that two men would come and share the Gospel to the village. The next day the two Nigerian evangelists arrived, not knowing where they would stay for the night. When the woman met them, she knew this was the answer to her vision and invited them to stay in her home for the whole week. The school in the area also said the new church could meet in their buildings.

Much of this spiritual warfare is not familiar to Western Christians. But it is very open over here. As you can see, your prayers are working. So, keep them up! The TU3 teams are expecting to see God do even greater things in the next days.

• For the all the new followers of Christ!
• That territory of the enemy is shrinking and being taken over by the Kingdom of God.

• Pray that all these new believers will get good discipleship quickly, so they can grow in the Lord.
• Pray for spiritual protection for all the team members; also for physical protection. We had a huge rain storm at dinner tonight and are not sure what the roads and construction site will be like.

Top – Ashley teaching the children


– Dr. Tim preaching to the men

– Esther Magezi sharing with the women

– Team members sharing Christ in classroom

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