Transform Uganda

Phase 3

Transform Uganda Phase 3

TU 3 has begun in earnest. Our team theme this year is “Step Out”, based on Deut. 11:22-24.

One of the great joys and blessings is that we were able to establish two bore hole wells in partnership with Christ Transformation Ministries.

These wells will provide clean water for several thousand villagers. Their closest access to water is 4 kilometers away and is not clean. Children have to walk 8 to 10 kilometers every day to collect water, from a non-purified source, in five-gallon jerry cans, and then return with them to their homes.

We are incredibly excited to see what God will do this year! The overall goal is to start 15 daughter church plants from the 16 church plants started in TU I in nearby villages. Like the other church plants, this ministry will take place in small rural bush villages that have never had a church.
This year, we again partner with New Life for All from Nigeria, and the Forum for Evangelists we have trained in Nigeria. They will send a team of 40 evangelists who will live two by two in the church plant villages. The American team consists of 18 individuals. Our host is Christ Transformation Ministries and Rev. Arthur Magezi.
The ministry week will include: two Jesus Film teams, two Village teams (women, children, and men’s ministry), a construction team, a medical team, and a Crusade evangelism team made up of several Nigerian evangelists. These teams will, on differing days, each go to one of the villages where the church plants will begin. Every day, beyond the Nigerians that live among them, each village will have a visit from one of the various ministry teams.

One of our U.S. team members, Bill Wagner, will be posting reports on our Facebook page Just “like” the page to have the updates appear on your feed.

You’ll be able to get daily feedback on TU 3 and pray with up to date information! This outreach, by God’s grace, will change the lives of 15 more rural villages in Uganda.